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Great Areas of Calgary to Live In

When one considers moving to Calgary, one of the major questions asked in general is how to choose a neighborhood to take root? What are the best cities to live here? What should I choose if I have kids or if I only plan to? With no doubt, there is no universal answer to any of these questions because the choice is always individual and unique. However, there are some guidelines that can help you with making a choice.

Before you actually get any tips, you should know that Calgary is usually divided into four quadrants. Every place has a reflection of its location in the names of its street address; you will see endings NW, SW, SE or NE.

The city of Calgary is considered to be one of the most geographically dispersed places in the world, though its close neighbor - Chestermere - is already keeping up with the title. You are not likely to see here high-rise multi-story apartments, because the mood of the city is full of separate and detached dwellings.

Southwest (SW)

This is the most popular quadrant in the whole city, so renting prices tend to be higher here. If considering this neighborhood, look at Bankview, Mount Royal or Killarney first. The area gets its popularity because it is the closest to the downtown. There is a number bars, restaurants and shops located here.

If you would like to avoid downtown huss and mess, then your list should include such calmer neighborhoods as Acadia, Haysboro, Sundance or Chinook Park.

Northwest (NW)

The most popular neighborhoods in the northwest include Sunnyside, West Hillhurst, Countyr Hills, Tuscany, Edgemont, Dalhousie and Rosedale.

If you are looking for a fast pacing location with a wide choice of cafes, restaurants, pubs, and craft shops, then Kensington is your best match.

Northeast (NE)

Northeast of Calgary is known for its commercial areas and the Calgary Airport. Owing to the commercial areas, a lot of people seek for a place to live here. Local realtors say that east of Deerfoot Trail is not a popular place to live due to high crime rates and lots of gang problems. If you know that your office will be located in the Northeast of Calgary, then a great opportunity for you is to live in Strathmore. This is a smaller town outside the border of Calgary but which has great transport communication with the city. You get a possibility to live in the quite neighborhood while not spending hours for traffic and nerve breakdowns because of the local troubles.

A lot of young people choose northeast locations because rent prices tend to be lower in this area.

Southeast (SE)

Southeast is called a commercial and light industrial area. Most of the local neighbourhoods are adjacent to the commercial and industrial zones. For this reason a lot of people, again, prefer living outside of this area while still working here. One of the most affordable and popular cities nearby is Brooks. The pricing in this town will be lower while the life level much higher in all respects.