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Getting a Sofa Through a Narrow Door

Sometimes it seems like the more comfortable a sofa is, the harder it is to move. Despite their size, most sofas are relatively light. That doesn't make them less cumbersome, and getting a large one through a narrow door can be a difficult exercise. But if you follow the tips below, you can move your sofa with ease.

Measure Everything

The importance of measuring before you start your move cannot be overstated. Measure both the couch and the doorway you need to get it through. Additionally, take a look at your couch and check to see what parts you can remove from the furniture. Many couches allow you to easily remove the legs, and some provide ways for you to remove the arms or other extensions as well. The smaller you can make the sofa prior to moving it, the easier the move will become.

Check for Maneuverability

A lot of the sofa moving process will come down to a matter of angles. Examine both the room you are moving the sofa from and the other side of the doorway you are going through. The more maneuverability you have, the better. Close doors, remove wall hangings, and make as much additional space as you can prior to lifting the sofa.

Angle the Sofa Appropriately

Depending on your measurements, you may need to flip your sofa on its side or even stand it up vertically. Angle it so the shortest section lines up with the width of the door. For large sofas, you may need to adjust while in the process of getting through the door. Once you get an arm or back through the narrow door, use your maneuverability space to feed the rest through.

Getting a sofa through a narrow door boils down to an understanding of measurements and angles. If you prepare appropriately, you can reduce a potentially difficult problem to nothing at all.