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5 Easy Tips to Prepare for a Long Distance Move

1. Plan Ahead

One of the basic tips for long-distance relocations that movers always advise is to plan everything. With a proper plan and schedule on your table you will have the idea of every single step to make to ensure that everything goes smooth. Statistically, it is better to contact a moving company at least three months prior to your relocation date so that you can match your schedules and ensure that you get required help when needed.

2. Get Estimates

When getting relocated to another city that is far from your current home, you undoubtedly want to save as much as you can. This is why you need to have several offers on the table to choose from. The easiest way to see movers in action is call them for an estimate. Make sure that you get only in-home estimates and binding ones preferable in order to get the idea of a total cost for the services and also see how the movers work. Estimates will help you eliminate non-reliable and non-professional moving companies from your list.

3. Research Moving Companies

Do not forget that what you see during the estimate can be a show for one viewer in the audience so your goal is to understand whether what you saw is real or it's a play. According to Calgary moving services experts the easiest way to get the required information is the internet. Go online and research every company that is still on your list. Verify its complaints registers as well as reviews and comments of their clients about the services provided. If still hesitate, call a given company and ask for a list of references.

4. Downsize

Keep in mind that long-distance movers in most cities of Canada, base their price range on the weight of your belongings. Consequently, the fewer things you move, the more affordable your move will be. So before you call a company for an estimate and right after you decide to relocate, go through all your things in all rooms and basements spaces and get rid of as much as you can to downsize your load.

5. Move in the Offseason

You know that every business has its rush hours. For the moving industry this time is throughout summer. Be ready that the busier time you choose, the higher rates you are likely to get for your move. So the moral here is to choose times when movers have a lot of time: basically anything but summer will work great. Apart from the year season you should also understand that before major holidays moving companies will also have more work than after, or that weekends are much more comfortable to move in all respects. If your main goal is to save and relocate on budget, consider seasoning first.

We hope these tips will help you organize easy long distance relocation from Calgary to Edmonton, Sherwood Park or any other destination.