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Why Do People Move to Lethbridge?

Lethbridge is a city of less than 100,000 people, yet it represents the fourth-largest community in the province of Alberta. It also has the third-largest land area in the province, which means that there are lots of open spaces and outdoor activities to enjoy. The call of the great outdoors is not the only thing that draws people to live in Lethbridge, but it is powerful indeed. Here are some of the main reasons people love to move to Lethbridge.

Plenty of Employment Opportunities

Lethbridge lies along major transit lines between Edmonton and Calgary, two of the other largest cities in Alberta. This makes it invaluable for businesses that want to have equal access to both major cities, as well as companies that wish to tap into the engaged and active population of Lethbridge itself. Many of the employment opportunities in Lethbridge get workers involved in the community, which increases the feeling of togetherness that people in the city share. Young people especially have a lot of room to grow in Lethbridge jobs, with lots of training opportunities, plenty of chances for advancement, and the nearby University of Lethbridge to offer additional education and certifications.

A Sense of History

With dozens of different museums, outdoor sites, and historical landmarks, Lethbridge is home to a rich past that contributes to an even richer present and future. Anybody who likes to enjoy the outdoors can visit historical parks such as Indian Battle Park, Nicholas Sheran Park, or Nikka Yuko Japanese Gardens. Each of these sites offers a chance to learn while on the move. They also represent opportunities for people of all ages to appreciate the rich history of both Lethbridge and Alberta as a whole. Lethbridge was first incorporated at the end of the 19th century, but the land upon which it grew is much older than that. Thankfully, the residents of the city have not forgotten their rich and stories past.

Affordable Real Estate

Because it has so much available space for a relatively small population, the real estate prices in Lethbridge are reasonable when compared to other properties in Alberta. When you compare the prices to the rest of Canada, buying a house in Lethbridge is even easier still. This is because Alberta has lower taxes than most of the rest of Canada, particularly when it comes to the taxes paid by first-time homebuyers or entrepreneurs looking to start their business in the area. The savings in property values allows for more home improvement and better financial flexibility as a whole. Somebody buying a new home in Lethbridge also has plenty of money left over to find good, helpful Lethbridge movers.

For these reasons and many more, people are flocking to Lethbridge these days. If the above items sound appealing to you, you should consider reaching out to a moving company in Lethbridge to get valuable advice and insight that will help you with your upcoming move. In no time at all, you will join the many others who came to Lethbridge and decided to make it a long-term home.