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Why are Newcomers to Canada Choosing Alberta?

In a modern world where people have a better ability to choose their homes than ever before, more and more people are moving to Calgary and other locations within Alberta. Over the past decade, hundreds of thousands of newcomers from Canada and beyond have decided to make Alberta their new homes. Here are a few of the reasons that Alberta is so livable, as well as some items to consider if you want to relocate to Edmonton, Calgary, or another Alberta city.

Lower Taxes

Compared to other countries, Canada has a relatively high tax rate. This can shock some people who move to the country, especially if they come from the much more lightly taxed United States. In comparison to its neighboring provinces, Alberta has a significantly lower tax rate. This is largely due to the fact that, unlike many other parts of Canada, Alberta does not charge a provincial tax. This results in a lower cost of living, which in turn helps to keep housing prices in a reasonable range. The average price of a moderate-sized Alberta home is fully 25% less than the price of a similar home in area such as British Columbia.

Higher Salaries

For those who have work experience and can provide specialized skills, the job market in Alberta offers some of the best salaries around. While a dearth of entry-level positions keeps the unemployment rate on par with the rest of Canada, those with strong technical or vocational skills can find salaries that are as much as $20,000 per year higher than the average at that position elsewhere in Canada. The high salaries combine with a relatively low cost of living to provide a quality of life that is quite excellent for those who are willing to apply themselves. Because a premium is placed on highly experienced workers, there are also lots of opportunities to advance in your chosen career.

Activities Galore

While there are several major cities in Alberta, none of them are tremendous in size and all of them are clean and livable. Moreover, the province's location and vast open spaces makes for a wide variety of terrific outdoor activities. Mountain climbers get to take on the Rockies, the many different lakes and rivers offer a wide range of boating activities, and the open plains provide an opportunity for horseback riding. Whether you enjoy skiing, sightseeing, or any activity in between, there is something of interest for everybody in Alberta. That is one of the main reasons that people come from all over to the province - it is effectively a land with no limits.

Not only does Alberta have one of the highest quality of life rankings in Canada, but it ranks high on a list of cities throughout the world. There are many reasons that people in Canada, the United States, and beyond look to Alberta with interest. If you are one of those individuals, check out our moving company and see how easy it can be to transition into a new life in Alberta.