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How to Save Money on a Long Distance Move

A long distance move can be a very expensive and draining process. Things get even more complicated if you don't have a good feel for the new city you are moving to. Luckily, there are plenty of cost saving measures that can help you make the move, even on a limited budget. Here are a few tips that can reduce your overall expenses and make a long distance move a much more affordable process.

Schedule Accordingly

Before you determine the date of your move, take a look at what the busy times for your destination area are. For example, most people move on weekends or around national holidays. Try to avoid those times, as long distance movers often charge higher rates during those times. If you can afford to take some vacation time around your moving date and make the move during the week, you should be able to save a significant amount of money.

Reduce Your Inventory

The fewer boxes you have to ship to your new destination, the less the long distance moving process will cost you in the end. This might involve making some difficult cuts when it comes to mementos and personal property, but the more you reduce your unnecessary possessions now, the more money you will save in the long run. The good news in this regard is that you can use yard sales, online auctions, and other ways of monetizing your property to turn a difficult process into a chance to earn some extra cash.

Find a Reliable Moving Company

Making contact with a long distance moving company in the area you plan to move to as early as possible during the process. This gives you time to make sure you and the movers are on the same page, and it also means that you can shop around for the best deal. Most reliable long distance moving companies will provide you with packing materials to help you get started, and this can reduce your overall handling costs. When shopping for a moving company, make sure to consider reliability as a top priority. If you go for the cheapest option without checking to see how reliable you are, you might wind up paying more than expected when you need to replace damaged furniture and electronics.

Use up Perishables and Provisions

Even if you like to keep a well-stocked refrigerator and bathroom, it's time to let your supplies dwindle as your moving date approaches. This serves two important purposes. First, it reduces the number of boxes you need to ship over a long distance. Second, most moving companies have a list of unallowable items, and perishable food and toiletries are often on the list. To save a large trash bill on your way out, you should reduce your waste leading up to the move.

By keeping these tips in mind, the long distance moving process can become much easier and more affordable. The money you save here can be spent wisely and well once you are settled into your new home.