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Ultimate Guide to Long Distance Office Relocation

A long distance office move is very logistically challenging, and it's rare enough that not many people have a strong level of experience in the matter. However, with the right office movers, you can find your way through this difficult path. The right level of planning and preparation can make your commercial move much easier. As you prepare for a long distance office relation, consider the following pieces of advice.

Contact the Moving Company Early

When it comes to hiring commercial movers, earlier is better. You should reach out to an office moving company as soon as you know that the move is coming. If you can't decide on a mover until there are fewer than six months before your move, you might want to consider shifting the date back a little bit. The commercial moving company you choose should have experience and positive reviews from customers. This is the company that will effectively be your guide throughout the move, and you will be in touch with the movers often. Make sure to choose early and choose wisely.

Give Everybody a Task

Every person in your office should feel as though they have a sense of ownership over the move. While you shouldn't divide tasks too finely, you should make sure that everybody has some role, from making sure that all technical equipment is prepared properly to managing the timeline of the move. This helps ensure that no one person will get overloaded with work, and it also makes sure that everybody has a personal investment in making sure the move is a complete success.

Create a Window for the Move

Business moving is difficult enough without factoring in the logistics of a long distance move into the equation. Once the office relocation begins, you have a very small window in which to make sure everything goes perfectly. You can increase your odds of a successful move by widening that window. Rather than allowing a day to close old utility accounts, move boxes, and set up the new office, give yourself a week. This way, an unexpected sickness or other issue that you can't plan for won't throw the entire move off.

Color Code Boxes by Office

If you can get multicolored boxes, that can help you stay organized during both the packing and unpacking process. Make sure that the equipment that goes into each office is in an appropriately colored or brightly labeled box. This allows you to prioritize what you need as it goes onto the truck and lets the movers know which office things go into during the unloading process. If you need extra boxes or materials, speak with your commercial moving company. This is also a good time to make sure all electronics and IT supplies are very carefully packed to ensure no data interruption when the move is over.

One of the key items you need in planning a long distance office move is to find the right commercial moving service. Once you have established a good connection there, some planning and cooperation among your employees can make the process go very smoothly.