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5 Things to Do Before Movers Arrive

A skilled group of movers can help you through many issues along you way, but the ultimate responsibility for your move falls on you yourself. Even if you have already contacted a St. Albert moving company and are ready to start your move, here are a few things you should do before the crew arrives.

1: Know Your Moving Company's Limits

Most St. Albert movers have a few items that they cannot move for legal or liability reasons. Often, this includes perishable items such as food in your refrigerator or potential chemical hazards such as open paint cans or antifreeze. Before your moving day comes, you should make sure that you have these items taken care of yourself and that your belongings are arranged according to whatever requirements your movers have laid out for you.

2: Buy Insurance if Necessary

Your most valuable items should be insured to their fullest. If you aren't sure what should be insured and what can go without insurance, communicate with the movers in St. Albert you have selected to determine what items might need the extra protection. Usually, this includes electronics and valuables that could be easily lost or damaged. While the movers will take pains to keep your items safe, they can also tell you what belongings might be at risk.

3: Clean Your Appliances

Before the day of the move arrives, you should unplug, empty, and clean all of your electronics and appliances. This should include removing batteries from your devices to make sure there is no damage or battery drain during transit. You should also empty drawers out of cabinets and bureaus to make sure that nothing gets jostled about too much. If your appliances have any protective coverings, make sure they are on before the movers arrive.

4: Measure Doors and Hallways

A beautiful desk with a fine polish on it won't do you much good if it can't fit through your front door. The old maxim of "measure twice, cut once" holds especially true when it comes to moving. Make sure that you have not only your furniture and appliances measured out, but that you have any doors and hallways measured so you know what fits and what will need a little help. Providing this information to the movers can save you a great deal of trouble down the road.

5: Label Carefully

Before the movers arrive, you should have everything packed up and labeled so you know where it goes in your new St. Albert home. If you have access to colored boxes, you can make sure that everything is color-coded based on the room that it needs to go into. If you don't have access to colored boxes, you can still get by with normal labels. Just make sure that the labels are bright and easy to see, even at a distance.

The more you prepare and consider the needs of your moving company, the more efficient your move will be. If you follow the tips above, you can make sure that you are all ready to go before the movers even arrive.