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Moving to Airdrie: 5 Best Things About Living in this Calgary-Area Bedroom Community

Airdrie is a comfortable and affordable community located just north of Calgary. With a current population of more than 58,000 people, it is one of Canada's fastest growing communities due to the high quality of life and numerous activities that it offers. If you are looking at a move to this city, it is best to know what you have in store for you. Here are the five best things about living in Airdrie.

1: Excellent Quality of Life

A 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey found that 96% of residents rated life in Airdrie as "good to very good." This high level of satisfaction comes from a variety of different factors, including affordable housing and an excellent job market. It also indicates that citizens feel very safe in the city. Everybody who responded to the 2013 survey indicated that they felt safe walking the streets of Airdrie at night. The low crime rate and high number of amenities speaks very well to the city's overall environment.

2: Thriving Business

The city of Airdrie does not collect a business tax rate, and this allows companies both new and old to thrive in the area. This affordability couples with the business-friendly culture of the city has allowed start-ups and small businesses to thrive in Airdrie. More than half of all companies operating in the city are home-based, but this doesn't stop large companies from moving in, either. This means great job opportunities for all levels of work experience.

3: Business Convenience

Despite the fact that so many of Airdrie's businesses are small in scale, or perhaps because of that fact, there is a great diversity of shopping and convenience available to residents of the city. Major box stores like Costco and Wal-Mart have a presence in the city, but so do small specialty shops and convenience stores that can give you something to fit with your hobbies or meet your specialized needs. The shopping opportunities in the area are virtually endless.

4: Easy Access to Calgary

For those who want even more than what Airdrie has to offer, the city of Calgary is a mere 20-minute drive down the highway. This gives Airdrie residents access to such features as the Calgary Zoo and Prince Island Park without the hassle of living in a large city. In addition, Airdrie has many local events such as parades, festivals, and concerts that can keep people entertained even if they don't feel like traveling at all.

5: Excellent Property Prices

Because Airdrie has grown so quickly over the past few years, a number of master-planned communities have been built within the city to accommodate new residents. This has provided affordable housing to nearly all residents within the city. If you are house hunting in the Airdrie area, you can expect to get excellent multi-bedroom homes for as low as $200,000 Canadian.

Airdrie is a wonderful city that has a lot to offer all residents. If you are looking at this area as a new home, it is a good idea to find a moving company that can help. Our Airdrie movers are ready to help make your travel to this region a breeze.