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Cost of Living in Calgary vs Edmonton

Both Calgary and Edmonton are popular cities with strong metro areas and a very high quality of life. Despite the fact that they are both based in Alberta, however, there are many differences between the two cities. While most people can adjust to life in either, knowing the cost of living in each area can serve as a factor when deciding where to move to. Here's an analysis of the cost of living differences between Calgary and Edmonton.

Food and Health Products

For those focusing on day to day costs of groceries, meals, and over the counter medications, Calgary offers a slightly better deal than Edmonton. Calgary averages about 4% less expensive in these areas than Edmonton. Milk, dairy, and produce are especially cheaper in Calgary, with prices varying the most in these areas. One pound of apples in Calgary, for example, is approximately a dollar less expensive than the same type of apples in Edmonton. Common medications and hygiene products such as deodorants and tampons tend to have similar margins. However, Edmonton does tend to be less expensive when it comes to luxury purchases such as meals at restaurants or alcoholic beverages.

Housing Needs

While the actual day to day cost of living provides an advantage to residents of Calgary, Edmonton offers less expense for major real estate or rental decisions. Rent prices are less expensive in Edmonton almost across the board, ranging from 2% to 11% lower than the equivalent apartment in Calgary. Buying a house has a similar rift in prices, with Edmonton homes being slightly less expensive than their Calgary equivalents. However, the items that you put in your home, ranging from furniture to televisions, microwave ovens, and other appliances, all tend to cost less in Calgary. A homebuyer or renter choosing between these areas must select which living cost they want to pay more for.

Getting Around

Living in the city is one thing, but how do you get around once you are there? In both Calgary and Edmonton, the most effective transportation methods include driving or using public transportation. If you plan to buy a new or used car in Alberta, Edmonton offers lower prices for the purchase by 10% or more depending on the lot you use. Edmonton also offers less expensive public transportation, with trains, taxis, and buses all coming in at lower fares than Calgary. However, the cost of gas in Calgary is lower than in Edmonton. If you do a lot of driving, this may be an equalizer of sorts, as average gas prices in Calgary come to nearly 10 cents less per liter than fuel of the same grade in Edmonton.

Both Calgary and Edmonton are terrific places to live, and both have advantages and disadvantages over the other when it comes to cost. Whether you are moving to Calgary or going from Calgary to Edmonton, one cost you can control is a reliable group of movers. Our moving company in Calgary is waiting to provide you with the reliable relocation help you need.