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Canada Spends $9 Billion to Combat Terrorism

With the death of terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Americans and Canadians can sleep just a bit easier. Though we all realize that there are many more terrorists to take his place, leaders all over the world believe that the elimination of Bin Laden has made the world just a little bit safer for us all.

Those moving to Alberta from the United States can be assured that the Canadian government takes the threat of terrorism seriously. Since September 11, 2001 Canada has committed over 9 billion dollars to enhance national security. Terrorism is a threat to the entire free world and the Canadian government is vigilant in its efforts to protect the citizens of the country.

Many people who visit the Alberta area like what they see and begin thinking about Calgary moving. Calgary is a beautiful city and has many job opportunities which has sparked an interest in Alberta moving. Calgary relocation is enticing to many Americans that have lost jobs due to the economic crisis they have suffered over the last few years.

We at Alberta Movers hope that the death of Bin Laden will calm the threat of terrorism to our citizens and to those of our neighbors in the US. We are thankful for the vigilance of our government in their efforts to combat terrorism both here and abroad.