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Banff or Canmore? Which Town to Choose for Living

Banff and Canmore are two small cities in Alberta which are less than 30 kilometers apart from each other and only a short trip away from the Calgary area. They both provide beautiful scenery, lots of activities, and a high quality of life. If you are trying to choose whether you should seek out Banff movers or movers in Canmore to help you get to a new home, consider the information below as a way to help you make your decision.

Benefits of Banff

Banff is a resort town, which means lots of great scenery and activities. It also means plenty of tourists, which provides an opportunity to meet new people from many different locations around the world and to find high-paying jobs in many different fields. If you like eating out but prefer to avoid chain restaurants, Banff offers many different dining options that provide locally sourced food and beverages. People who like mountain activities such as skiing and snowboarding will also get the most out of Banff, which lies in proximity to many great slopes. Banff has a superior nightlife to Canmore, including great spots for dancing, bowling, and other popular activities.

Benefits of Canmore

Those who enjoy a quieter style of life might find themselves better suited to Canmore. Like Banff, this city is located in a tourist-heavy region, but those who come to Canmore are generally more interested in luxury and quieter activities. As mentioned above, Banff offers many great dining options, but Canmore has more of virtually everything – more locally sourced restaurants, more luxury spots, and more fine dining if that is what you prefer. On the flip side, Canmore doesn't have as many nighttime activities. It is great for sightseeing and outdoor sports, but those who want to party and have fun on their weekend nights might need to travel elsewhere.

Moving to This Region

Regardless of whether you choose Banff or Canmore as the site of your future home, moving to the area is extremely easy if you make the right choice in which moving company to use. One thing you should do if you are planning to move to either of these cities is identify what time of the year would work best for you. Logistically, it is easier to plan a move for a slower tourist season. That way, you don't need to deal with as much traffic or any other distractions as you move in and get situated in your new environment. However, a skilled crew of professional movers should be able to provide you with ample guidance on the situation, no matter what time of year you need to move in.

Banff and Canmore are two very similar cities, but they have marked differences that cater to different individuals. Those who prefer a more active nightlife might find Banff more interesting, while those who like relative peace and quiet should find what they are looking for in Canmore. The important thing above all else is to have a reliable moving company that can get you there and help you get situated quickly.