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A Step By Step Guide to Your Banff Office Move

Whether you are moving from a long distance to relocate your office in Banff or are already in town and want to shift to a new building, your plan should contain a few key essentials. One of the most important steps in your journey is to find a reliable Banff office mover company that can aid you and guide you through the process. In addition, you should bear the following key logistics in your mind throughout the moving process.

Start Early

Your office move needs to begin as early as six months to a year ahead of the date you actually plan to make the change. This gives you time to identify all the challenges and logistics involved in an office relocation in Banff. It also allows you to notify clients and customers of potential interruptions in services and to smooth out any other details early. Contact a moving company in your area right away and make sure that you are both aware of the intended move date and ready to go.

Consider Upgrading Technology

Are your office computers starting to run slow? Is your fax machine about to wear out? A commercial move is an excellent time to consider changing things up and installing new systems as needed. Have your IT team analyze your equipment before the move. If something needs to be replaced, it is easier to leave the old machine behind and have a new one installed at the new site rather than haul along something that doesn't have much life in it left.

Create a Moving Budget

Rather than lump all moving expenses into a single line item, it is a good idea to break your budget out into as much detail as possible. Your budget should include the fees you expect to pay to the moving company, electrical work, security deposits, and similar costs. You should also add a line for refreshments for the day of the move. Getting some free pizza and drinks can make a tedious office move go much easier and shows the employees who help out how valued they really are.

Keep Employees in Mind

An office move is a stressful time, especially if it happens in the midst of a busy season or when an unexpected surge of work overlaps with the planned move dates. This means that your employees are more likely to take a hit to their morale, which can affect their overall productivity. Make sure to keep them in mind when dealing with the moving arrangements. Try to avoid long days if you can. Include incentives and activities, such as a prize for those who pack the fastest. Finally, make sure that everybody's efforts get recognized after the move. Keeping morale up is hard to do, but it definitely worth it in the end.

The checklist above can help you keep your office move on target and efficient throughout the process. While some stress is inevitable, the right preparation reduces that dramatically.