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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving to Alberta, Canada

The province of Alberta is one of the most popular destinations in all of Canada for those moving to a new region. The combination of a high quality of life and great job opportunities has many people looking at destinations within the province, especially if it means moving to Calgary or Edmonton. If you are considering a move and have Alberta on your list of potential new homes, here are a few factors that should have you making calls to Alberta movers right away.

1: Amazing Outdoor Activities

Whether you like skiing, hiking, or just taking a pleasure walk through the great outdoors, Alberta has the scenery for you. The Rocky Mountains cuts right through the province, and both Edmonton and Calgary are close to the mountains. At the same time, there are a lot of flat, open spaces for those who enjoy activities of level ground. With some of the best ski resorts in all of North America, Alberta has something to offer to anybody who likes to enjoy winter sports or other outdoor activities.

2: Terrific Weather

Alberta is one of the sunniest provinces in all of Canada, no matter what season you are in. The cities of Calgary and Edmonton get sunny weather on more than 50% of the days throughout the year. Even the long Canadian winters aren't very bad due to the fact that the province is very low in humidity. This means that even the coldest weather lacks the moisture in the air to make things feel extra wintry, giving you a chance to get outside without freezing.

3: A Diverse Population

Alberta has a very diverse population, thanks in large part to its nearly universal appeal. This means that you can always find a niche that fits your preferences. If you like to learn about other cultures, the province's diversity gives you a great chance to learn from people belonging to many other races, religions, and societies. Alberta is truly a place where you can be yourself, no matter who you are.

4: Low Taxes

Like all Canadian provinces, Alberta has a Goods Sales Tax (GST) that applies to all purchases. However, Albertans get to ignore several other major taxes that other Canadian residents have to deal with, most notably the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) and Provincial Sales Tax (PST). This allows for a better cost of living, which means that a single dollar goes a long way in Alberta.

5: Many Job Opportunities

Many people who seek out Edmonton movers or Calgary movers tend to be younger than the median age in the rest of Canada. This means many more entrepreneurial endeavors and other job opportunities targeted toward young go-getters. With many new businesses arising every day, job opportunities in Alberta abound. If you have a skill and some passion, you can put it to good use here.

There are many factors that come into play when determining where you want to move. However, Alberta has so many pros and so few cons that anybody weighing their options should at least consider a move to this province.

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2 years
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Jennifer Schneider
2 years
This was the second time I moved with Alberta Movers and again I’m very happy with the service. The staff was very polite and professional, and they gave me a very fair price for moving from Glenbrook to Beltline. I recommend these team to all who are looking for reliable movers in Calgary.
Jennifer Schneider
2 years
Among a bunch of movers in Calgary, we selected Alberta Movers and we’re happy with our choice. All the moving process happened just as it was discussed with the manager. The movers came in time, packed the stuff, put it into the truck and delivered to our new apartment. We also liked that they were friendly and unobtrusive.
Jennifer Schneider
2 years
Judging by my own experience as well as the experience of my sister and my colleague, Alberta Movers, you're the most professional and reliable moving company in Calgary. I fully enjoyed using your services and I'm now gladly unpacking my stuff in a new apartment. Everything got here in perfect condition. Thanks! Greatly recommend!
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