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Top Universities in Alberta

Alberta is a large province with many fine universities that can benefit both native Canadians and those coming to school from an outside region. Each school represents a chance to become an expert in a specific field of study and to immerse yourself in the local culture. If you want to go to a school of higher learning in Alberta but don't know which one is right for you, consider the options below when making your final choice.

University of Alberta

Located in Edmonton, the University of Alberta has the largest campus in the province, with an enrollment range of 35,000 to 40,000 students. The institution is more than a century old and has a great many different educational fields, offering bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and doctorates in a wide range of studies. The University of Alberta is a globally ranked school, with rankings in the top 10 globally for forestry, geology, petroleum engineering, and paleontology, according to the Center for World University Rankings. This is an excellent school for any field of study, with special interest to those who seek an education in science or environmental studies.

University of Calgary

Located in Calgary, this school is one of the top research institutions in the world. The University of Calgary, also known as UCalgary, was founded in 1908 and now has a student body that is approximately 25,000 strong. The campus includes more than 80 different research facilities, and many members of the faculty are among the world leaders in their fields. UCalgary researchers are at the forefront of medical and scientific study in areas that include such modern hot topics as concussion protocol, groundwater contaminants, and energy regulations. Anybody interested in a career in the sciences and topics that will remain relevant on the global stage for years to come should consider the University of Calgary.

University of Lethbridge

Located in Lethbridge, this university is relatively small, with fewer than 10,000 students. However, it also has a teaching body which is approximately 500 strong, giving it a good faculty to student ratio and enabling it to cater to the needs of many different students. The different degree programs at the University of Lethbridge include studies in arts and science, education, fine arts, and health services. Its undergraduate rankings place it third in all of Canada, according to Macleans University Rankings. As a whole, the University of Lethbridge is an ideal school for a wide range of different students, including those who aren't sure what they want to major in and want a chance to experience it all first.

Alberta is home to many different colleges and universities, but the ones listed above are considered the best in the province. These institutions consistently land among the top of the list in rankings of Canadian schools, and many of their programs also have a high ranking on a global level as well. Once you choose your school, looking into moving services for students - a skilled group of Calgary movers will get you situated and ready to learn very quickly.